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The town at the Pegnitz River is not only known by its probably most famous citizen Albrecht Dürer, or the Nuremberg “Chrstikindlesmarkt” (Christmas market place) or the Nuremberg sausages.

Since 13th century Nuremberg is the town of gingerbreads and fine bakery products. In the 50s of the 20th century the Nuremberg entrepreneur Theo Schöller picked up the production of gingerbread and other famous pastries into his production and distribution program to achieve a better capacity utilization beside his ice-

cream companies.                   Down to the present day the finest bakery specialties are produced on the once Schöller area at Thoner Weg in the north of Nuremberg.

A & D Nürnberger Feinback- waren GmbH
Tradition, quality and Nuremberg confectioner’s art

Originally produced and distributed under a well-known brand of Schöller, the today’s independent company        A & D Nürnberger Feinbackwaren can hark back to traditional recipes and also to a high-quality standard.

As a manufacturer of fine bakery products on the basis of traditional recipes from Nuremberg, A & D is anxious to offer tradition and quality in the high pleasure segment.

By using only the best raw materials and by gently manufacturing methods of a modern production as well as by high quality standards of an IFS certificated company, we always offer a constant consumption.

Our hand - made reminding biscuits favorably stand out from the crowd concerning appearance and taste: they are free from preservatives, are baked without flavor enhancers and food colorings and come along not least by using of good butter and natural flavors with an incomparably good taste.
An excellent service of delivery completes the appearance of A&D Nürnberger Feinbackwaren.

Dive in our world of enticing tastiness: traditional bakery products from Nuremberg.